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Amazing Denby Facts

  • Denby can handle itself in the busiest kitchens. From the smallest cup to the biggest casserole, all our pieces can be used with confidence in the microwave, dishwasher and freezer.
  • We've got over 5000 glazes, all harder than steel. It's taken us 180 years to get our glazes as flawless as they are, meaning our tableware washes more easily, but chips less easily..
  • Denby is smashing stuff! Our tableware is really much harder to crack than other tableware..
  • Each Denby piece is unique. It passes through 25 pairs of hands before reaching yours, including a test to make it as comfortable as possible to hold..
  • Now available in XXL. Some of our ranges now feature 'Gourmet' pieces inspired by modern restaurants, they are extra large for dramatic effect.

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