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Bowls 101

Your food will look even better when it's easy to serve and beautifully presented.

Our latest collection here at Denby is our New Everyday Bowls - perfect for small dipping sides, meal preparation, ideal for serving small sides (or an XL portion of ice cream). There is truly something for everyone in this collection!

Make sure you have the right bowls that fit the way you and your family eat and entertain. Read our suggested use below to make entertaining simple.

5"-6.5" Curved Shallow Bowls: (Shown in Heritage Fountain)

Have your ingredients prepped and ready to go in these Curved Shallow Bowls. Dice onions and peppers, chop parsley and whisk an egg for a quick and easy omelette – but don’t forget the cheese! Or take the traditional route with these bowls, designed in all sizes for the perfect Kimchi side. Kimchi is a traditional Korean vegetable side dish which is commonly served alongside a meal. Main courses may be accompanied by up to a dozen such side dishes, however Kimchi is the most popular of the lot.

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5" and 6” Small Shallow Bowls: (Shown in Regency Green)

Use these Small Shallow Bowls to dip bread into olive oil seasoned with fresh garlic, balsamic vinegar and oregano to accompany your favorite Italian meal! Your guests can each have their own private dipping bowl with their favorite dressing or condiment. Put them all out in an array of colors for any side that is needed and label with cute name tags. You are sure to be a great host!

Small Bowls:

This bowl may be small, but there are a large number of uses for it!

      • Serving bar food; holding nuts, mints or mini snacks…

      • Perfect for condiments…

      • Almost ramekin size, can used for prep…

      • Great little dippers…

      • Ideal for a small side of rice… Or any small side!

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Rice Bowls:

Rice Bowls are not just for rice anymore!

Use this bowl for serving warm soups, creamy pasta salads or spicy chilis at your next get together. They are also the prefect size for when you just need that one scoop of ice-cream.

Noodle Bowls:

Serve up a perfect one dish meal with our new Noodle Bowls. With plenty of room for the basic Noodle Bowl elements; noodles, sauce and the extras, you can now showcase some of your tastiest recipes! You'll also love these when that one scoop of ice cream just isn’t enough!

All-purpose Bowls: (Shown in Heritage Veranda)

Our All-purpose Bowl is the perfect size for serving small sides, such as mashed potatoes for 4, a multiple vegetable dish or an XL portion of cereal! Traditionally this bowl would be referred to as the Cold Noodle Bowl. There are two kinds of cold noodles, one with spicy sauce that you mix together and the other one with an icy broth. Both are popular dishes to be eaten during the hot summer seasons.

Ramekins: (Shown in Imperial Blue)

Ramekins are so versatile, you’ll want more than one of these in your kitchen! Use this small dish for grabbing a quick pinch of salt and pepper or for a personal size Crème Brulee.

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